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Finger slip could be costly as contactless and cashless payments end up being more popular

A typing error, for example, could unknowingly send an electronic payment to a total unfamiliar person s checking account. There is no assurance you will see your money once again or even receive compensation if you fall victim and some consumers have lost 10s of countless pounds. Rising credit and debit card scams is another worry, while contactless payments also leave users feeling susceptible on https://www.paydaypixie.co.uk/.

Losing contact

Older spenders are reluctant to lose money as they believe it provides more security than other payment techniques, according to new research from scams defense specialist Defender Note



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Typical pensioners need THIS amount a year to pay their expenses

Food, clothes, travel and heating cost a weekly 223 per head - 3.75 percent more than last year and the equivalent of 420 a year or 8 a week. Expenses has fallen in Northern Ireland and the West Midlands and is virtually unchanged in London and the south east, according to a Key Retirement research study of federal government information on home expenditure.

The yearly average for the nation as an entire conceals big regional variations with retired people in Wales requiring 9,990 a year compared to 13,270 in the south east - around 3,280 a year less or 25 percent lower


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Opposition banks could capitalize as high street banks seriously slash savings rates

THE predicament of hard-pressed savers continues to get worse as the huge high street banks slash their savings rates to the bone. The average return from an easy access cost savings account has actually collapsed from 1.34 per cent a year ago to simply 0.54 percent today, according to special brand-new research for the Daily Express from cost savings rate tracking service SavingsChampion.co.uk.

It is not all doom and grief, as the new breed of so-called challenger banks is tossing down the gauntlet to their bigger rivals. Progressively, the likes of Aldermore, Charter Savings Bank, Ikano Bank, Fidor Bank, FirstSave, RCI Bank, Shawbrook, Tesco Bank and Virgin Money top the best-buy tables for easy-access savings accounts and fixed-term bonds.


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